Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Best Places To Visit in Pondicherry

Pondicherry's official name is Puducherry and it is also known by the name of Pondy. To explore the beautiful beach site and to take sunbath Pondicherry is one of the best sites. The streets of Pondicherry namely the French Quarter of Pondicherry is known by the name of White Town. There are so many best places to visit in Pondicherry so if you are thinking to explore this territory then it would be the best choice. Pondicherry Tourism includes so many beautiful beach sites, holy places, natural places and a lot more. One can also enjoy scuba diving in Pondicherry and can view the whole natural sea life.

5 Best Places To Visit In Pondicherry

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is known by the name of Plage Paradiso. This Pondicherry beach is located in Chunnambar. The golden sand shimmering water of the beach makes this site most beautiful. Here at this site, one can enjoy the 20 to 30 minutes ferry ride. At this Pondicheeey destination, one can take rest in the boathouse and can even spend a night in it. It is a very famous site for viewing the sunrise so try to reach this destination in the early morning.

Aurobindo Ashram

Aurobindo Ashram is situated in the White Town of Pondicherry and this ashram is created by Aurobindo Ghosh. In this ashram, one can read the books present in the library and even can view the beautiful decoration of the ashram. The ashram consists of 4 spiritual centers. The one who loves historic places must-visit Aurobindo Ghosh of Pondicherry.

Auroville Tourism

Auroville Tourism is one of the best Pondicherrytourism sites where numerous visitors visit per day. Mirra Alfassa in 1968 founded Aurobindo. This tourism site is known by the name of 'Mother' of Sri Aurobindo Society. "Matrimandir" is the main attraction of this place. The architecture and wall design of this mandir is so appealing that it attracts visitors from every corner of the world.


From the French colonial town of Pondicherry just in half an hour, one can visit Arikamedu. It is one of the most famous historical places in Pondicherry. At this site, one can view the different sculptures. In this region, there are a lot of mango and coconut trees. This site is having a mark of ancient Roman schools involving VIBII, Camuri, and IITA.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of the famous holy places of Pondicherry. This beautiful Catholic church is the home to the Gothic architecture. Here at this place, one can view the beautiful design of the wall and architecture. The sculpture of beautiful Jesus is the main attraction of this Pondichryy Church. If you are visiting Pondicherry then don't forgot to visit this holy place to make your mind and soul calm.

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